(Sessions availalbe from 9am to 7.30pm)

Slim Tech Vacu-Trainer

Healthy Vibes is proud to offer the unique Slimtech Vacu-Trainer in Brighton/Hove and the whole region of Sussex and Surrey!

Slim-Tech -  The alternative to liposuction.
You eat healthily, exercise, keep to your diet and in fact you lose weight, however not always in the desired areas such as your stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. Unfortunately, women are naturally disposed towards additional fat and cellulite on the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach.
After a course with the VacuTrainer, cellulite is visibly reduced, the body shape becomes more attractive, and the skin regains its smoothness and elasticity.
In combination with the SlimTech-Lipo women and men who crave amazing results in a very short time, will  acquire a shapely figure with special focus on the problem areas without exesivly dieting.
For them, the SlimTech concept offers an optimum and comprehensive solution that will help them sculpt their body to perfection...

What happens after the treatment?

During the Slimtech session the skin temperature will have risen by between one and four degrees, the body will  ‘speed up the metabolism’ and keep on burning energy while removing excess water and toxins for the next 4 to 6 hours.
This means that when you are back home or at work, the treatment keeps on working in the lower body. After a few treatments, the body learns to take the ‘most easily’ available energy from the lower body instead of the upper. This is called ‘overwriting’. Normal exercise now becomes more beneficial.

(Nearly everybody has tried normal exercise or diets to reduce the ‘problem areas’ without success.)


Now our non invasive system is available which really brings the levels of success you need.
Call us today to discuss your needs and let us introduce you to the cost effective solution to looking and feeling fantastic.  2014, a new start and a new year!​