The new Slim & Tone​ now available in Hove.

The new three dimensional approach to eliminate cellulite, say goodbye to unwanted inches and say hello to tighter skin.

The new Slim & Tone aims help you to reshape your body and help you get your confidence back. All treatments are non-invasive, which our customers have found to deliver results they are thrilled with.


If you have a stubborn area of fat, maybe on your thighs or stomach, then the new Slim & Tone concept may be the answer for you. Many of our customers have seen improvements shown by measurement  and visual appearance of the skin.
This treatment isn’t just for the girls. Popular male sessions are commonly described as treatments for love handles or man boobs. Some of our male clients were considering having a Gynecomastia operation for chest fat reduction, however they were so satisfied with the results from our new Slim & Tone concept.
 At HealthyVibes-Hove we are dedicated to offering you the best available therapies. You may choose active, passive or our best selling combination treatments with absolutely no bruising, pain nor downtime, unlike some freezing therapies on the market (info).


Our mission is that you are able to show off your new slim and toned body-shape with no downtime.

This new Slim & Tone approach is available exclusively at HealthyVibes-Hove. This treatment is not available in any other clinics in Sussex and Surrey!               
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​ Helping to make you look and feel your best!