The science behind the Success:

What is VacPower trainer?
Although on first sight it contains a branded Treadmill or stepper, this it is not an ordinary piece of fitness equipment you would normally find standing in the gym. It is a sophisticated inch, weight and cellulite loss system, that when used under the guidance of a trained therapist (who will formulate the correct treatment for each individual), offers an exceptional alternative to surgery. This equipment can be used by men and women equally (subject to a minimum level of normal health).
We enable our customers to lose a dress size in 4-6 weeks; visibly reduce and smooth cellulite. The treatment takes approximately 10 years off the skins biological clock due to detoxification and re-nutrition. There is not a more effective non-invasive treatment available on the market today. The only real alternative is tummy-tuck or liposuction.

How does it work?


The Slimtech Trainer is a therapy based on the action of negative pressure which accelerates fat-burning in such parts of the body as the waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. An active walk on the treadmill and the negative pressure inside the capsule results in better blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the lymphatic system responsible for the removal of excessive fluids and unwanted waste products. The benefits of the therapy are; smoother skin texture, improved firmness, flexibility and the loss of unwanted centimeters.
The blood is ‘pulled’ into the fatty tissue and transports the ‘free’ fatty acids back into the blood-stream. In the normal exercise scenario the muscles would request ‘fatty acids’ as energy source, which would then mostly be made available from the upper body instead of the lower body where we know it is very difficult to shift.

The upper body has a better circulation and therefore energy is more easily available. Genetically, energy is always taken from the most easily available source. The device is acting faster than the body, by delivering the ‘fatty Acids’ of the lower body into the blood-stream, cutting off the genetic message from the muscles to the brain.



Fatty acids cannot leave the body unless used as an energy source by the body. The only alternative is to use invasive treatments to achieve the same results. Any other treatments claiming the same results-non invasive is just clever marketing as many of us have experienced!

The effects of Slimtech Trainer:


Improves the blood and lymph circulation,
activates fat-burning.
Enhances the metabolism.
Eliminates cellulite.
Reduces unwanted centimeters in the waist, buttocks and thighs.
Gently models the figure.
May reduce water retention in lower body.
Improves cardiovascular fitness and general well being.

Slim Tech Vacu-Trainer