Young skin is no accident, rather Byonik

Have more fun, not more wrinkles.
Even with the healthiest of lifestyles, sooner or later skin cells lose their inherent energy. Cell processes
responsible for a youthful-looking skin become slower and slower. Micro-damage arises, elasticity decreases and facial contours sag. Now you can counteract this phenomenon with

Visible effects with only two steps.

1.  The BYONIK cold laser activates the hyaluronic acid and the rejuvenation processes:
Developed specially for BYONIK in accordance with scientific guidelines, the laser plays an important role in skin rejuvenation. Cell processes are stimulated, cell functions can be improved and regenerative processes can eliminate already visible signs of ageing – our goal is to visibly rejuvenate your skin using a pain-free method.


2.   BYONIK hyaluronic gel enhances the effects of the treatment:
The special techniques used to produce our hyaluronic gels allow the hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate your skin, where they are protected against rapid breakdown by a special coating. Special anti-oxidants in the BYONIK hyaluronates help to relieve the skin. Only through targeted research and state-of-the-art procedures is this distinct advantage of BYONIK possible.

BYONIK produces a range of hyaluronic acid gels for effective anti-ageing treatment of various skin types.

A simple way to enhance your attractiveness..

Do something good for your skin -treat yourself to BYONIK.

The experts behind the breakthrough.
beauty lumis GmbH is the developer behind the success of the BYONIK method. The international company with headquarters in Munich specialises in the development and production of high-quality innovative concepts, technologies and cosmetic anti-ageing products with world-renowned German quality.

We are your experienced partner for medicinal cosmetics, skin rejuvenation, biolifting, hyaluronic acid treatment and laser techniques.  Your skin is our philosophy.
"When we developed the BYONIK method, we faced a major challenge: how to provide a painless, long-lasting procedure for vital, more beautiful skin", says Angela Frommer, Managing Director of beauty lumis GmbH. "The strong demand for BYONIK and the tremendous trust placed in us by our customers make us proud and motivate us to continue to optimise our products and methods."